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Success At The Second Acapulco Surfing Contest & Clinic

Translation: Heido Sundstrom

This Saturday and Sunday, the second stop of the Acapulco Surfing Contest & Clinic, was met with great success at Playa Bonfil. On Saturday, bodyboarding activities took place that enthusiasts could follow on the event’s facebook page “Surfing Acapulco” (since the maximum number of event participants was limited to sixteen).

Before the event, the heats were announced and all of the teams from around the area, including: El Centro, Shit Point, Coloso, Revolcadero, El Muelle, Bonfil and La Barra Vieja, were ready. To jumpstart the day, the two-time National Champion, Angel “Atom” Roman, and the experienced Manuel Rios and Joe Estrada gave directions, the rules of competition, tips, as well as advice to do well, both in and out of the competition.

Unfortunately, the wave conditions weren’t very good and the waves reached a mere three feet in height and had little strength. But this sport, although it relies heavily on nature, can be tried in any condition.  

On Sunday, the Girls and Under-16 Shortboard categories kicked off and enjoyed much better conditions, with 4-foot tubes that provided an ideal stage for showing off their skills. It’s great to see that more girls are getting involved in this sport and having fun with it, these clinics will undoubtedly help to improve their performance.

The project will also have the backing of the Guerrero State Surfing Association and other enthusiastic surfers that have offered their support. It’s also great to see that the parents are taking their kids to practice and helping to teach them surfing; it’s a good experience for everyone.

We would like to thank Los Cuates de Alex Restaurant for all their support in making this event possible.

Bodyboard Results
.1. Brandon Cabrera (17) Barra Vieja
2. Javier Rodriguez (17) B.V.
3. Alan Navarrete (18) B.V.
4. Jesus Silva (16) Shit Point
5. Gato Hubbard (18) Revolcadero
5. Samuel Roque (17) B.V.
7. Francisco Romero (17) S.P.
7. Mario Morales (21) Bonfil
9. Josehp Reyes (15) Team Volar
9. Cristian Candela (18) Bonfil
11. Marco Molina (13) S.P.
11. Javier Leyva (15) S.P.
11. Guillermo Dominguez (16) S.P.
14. Raul Salazar (12) Coloso
15. Brian Cabrera (12) B.V.
15. Jose Luis Amores (16) Bonfil   

Girl’s Shortboard Results
1. Anan Paola Castillo (17)
2. Rebeca Ladron (16)
3. Yareni Ramirez (22)
4. Naomi Cabello (14)
5. Alexia Ochoa (10)
6. Marain Ramirez (21)

Under-16 Results
1. Rey Hernandez (15) Revolcadero
2. Fernando Olea (16) Revolcadero
3. Ronaldo Gonzalez (15) Bonfil
4. Isaac Garcia (15) Revolcadero
5. Jonathan Reyes (16) Bonfil
5. Jaciel Garcia (9) Revolcadero
7. Alan Uribe Alternate (17) Pacific Surf
8. Carlos Ochoa (8) Bonfil
9. Franco Mendoza (13) Bonfil