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Surfer Girl; Sofía Christine Chaurand le Brun


Where were you born and where do you currently live?

SC: I was born in Tepic and I currently live in Los Cabos.


Tell us about how you learned to surf...

SC: I’ve been surfing for about seven years. I pretty much learned in La Ticla, Michoacan on weekends when we were able to ‘escape’ from the big city of Guadalajara.


What does the ocean mean to you, “Sofi”?

SC: It’s a world full of life, which we know very little about, since we’re usually just on the surface.

For me, it’s a place where I feel free and happy. Water, as an element, gives me a sensation of total wellbeing (as long as it’s not too cold). [Laughs] It gives me a lot of energy and the urge to play in the waves, enjoying the sun, the landscape and all the peace that nature provides.


What other activities do you do and how do you complement them with surfing?

SC: I’ve always liked sports and I’m actually pretty versatile. I really like outdoor sports like mountain biking, jogging, etc. I’ve also been doing Pilates and, honestly, that really complements surfing (and everything else).

I also just started Cross Fit recently and really I’m enjoying it. I’m doing things I never knew I could do.

We know you’re a great artist, where does your inspiration come from?

SC: I think I’m inspired the most by nature, since it’s filled with so many shapes and textures, bright colors, perfect blends and contrasts, etc. It’s divine!


What’s your idea of a perfect surf session?

SC: Perfect waves, constant sets, good company, new achievements and surfing until your body can’t take anymore! And some good reggae blasting.

Thanks, “Sofi”; we wish you the best of luck and happy waves!