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Barra de la Cruz


Photo: Angel Asencio.

Barra de la Cruz used to be considered a “secret spot”, at least until 2006 when one of the stops of the WCT tour was held here. For better or for worse, the conditions that hit the historic event “The Search” are remembered to this day as the most perfect waves surfed at a world tour contest.

The wave is a ‘point break’ that breaks to the right. Depending on the tide and swell conditions, this spot offers all kinds of sections, from ramps to rip to some of the longest and most perfect tubes you can imagine. However, the tide has changed a lot in recent years and before it was common to find two or three sections of tubes. Now, it requires a large tide to push the sand to the point. When this happens and the waves drop in size, you can surf some decent tubes and rip the rest of the wave.

Like other spots in Oaxaca, Barra de la Cruz is at its best from April to August when the southern swells are at their peak. The beach is located approximately thirty-five minutes to the south of Huatulco and the entrance to the road is clearly marked along the highway. There are several lodging options, all at a decent price. The population and the locals of Barra are some of the nicest and most hospitable people you can find. This spot is definitely one of the most mystical waves of the area and is recommended for all types of surfers that are sure to come back for more.