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revolcaderoPlaya Revolcadero is located south of Acapulco just ten minutes from the Juan N. Alvarez International Airport in the tourist zone known as Acapulco Diamante. Playa Revolcadero is the birthplace of surfing in Acapulco. Here, the first surfers of this “port” began surfing. You can easily arrive by bus, colectivos, or by car. Go past the roundabout in Puerto Marquez and when you reach the first gas station on Boulevard De Las Naciones, take a right and go about 2 km to get to the beach.

The waves at Playa Revolcadero can be a bit fast, but it’s also the noblest of all the beaches in Acapulco and is perfect for anyone that’s still learning. Expect waves all year-round, with the months between April and September offering more active conditions, boasting waves that can be above two meters high! This makes it necessary to have a solid knowledge of surfing to be able to get in and challenge these waves. During the months between October and March, you’ll find smaller waves but with a decent shape that’s ideal for all types of surfers. Those that are still learning should take advantage of waves during this time to help raise their level of surfing. During this time, the waves at Playa Revolcadero are ideal for the whole family to start learning how to surf on.

The wave at Revolcadero breaks over a sandy bottom, which makes the wave more reliable and gives them a good shape. There is generally little current here and the waves are always a bit smaller than the other beaches nearby.

Playa Revolcadero has all the necessary services and you can enjoy typical Acapulco dishes in the neighboring restaurants. Other activities include: horseback rides along the beach and small swimming pools to cool off in. You can also rent surfboards and take a surf class with “La Micha”