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Playa Princesa is located almost in front of the Princess Hotel in the Acapulco Diamante zone and is just ten minutes from the Juan N. Alvarez International Airport. To access the beach, you must enter through the entrance of the Hotel Princess. Once you’ve arrived at the hotel, turn to your right. Then, in the first public parking area, turn to your left and you’ve made it to Playa Princesa.

The waves here are very fast and not meant for beginners. They break over a sandy bottom, which makes it very hollow and fast and a challenge for anyone trying to surf here. The current can be very strong, but for those wanting to learn how to surf, the foam waves that form can be ideal for learning.

Of course, due to its strong current, it’s always recommended that you learn under the supervision of an instructor. The best season for waves is really all year-round, with the months between April and September offering up the biggest waves. Many times, during these months, you’ll only see bodysurfers able to surf these waves. The months between October and March bring smaller waves that are ideal for ripping. Playa Princesa also has board rentals, surf classes with Cobby Hernandez and horseback rides. The hotels in this zone can be a bit pricey, so it’s recommended to look for a place along Boulevard De Las Naciones, or along the coastal highway, “Miguel Aleman”.