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Playa Linda

lindaLocated about 15 minutes north of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is Playa Linda, a favorite beach amongst the locals for its consistency. This beach is easy to get to and you can even arrive by bus. Here, the waves break over a river-rock bottom and it’s a good spot for the entire family, as there are also surf classes available. This beach contains two sessions where one wave breaks to the right with a good wall and, passing the river, you’ll find faster waves that break to the left and are more fun to surf.

At Playa Linda, you can enjoy good waves all throughout the year, with summertime being the biggest, while the months between October and March are small enough for the whole family to enjoy. There’s a campground operated by FONATUR where you can camp right on the beach. It’s equipped with RV hookups, bathrooms, a pool and a restaurant, everything you need to have a good time. The closest hotels are located in Ixtapa, but it’s Zihuatanejo that has a better variety of hotels and price-ranges. Close to the beach, you’ll find a crocodile reserve, beach restaurants, and inevitable boat tours to Ixtapa Island, famous for its crystal-clear waters for snorkeling and diving.