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Eleventh Annual Fiestas De Mayo National Junior Pro 2014 In Manzanillo, Colima


Translation: Heido Sundstrom

The Colima State Extreme Sports Association (DEEC, for its initials in Spanish) recently organized the first of three events in the national children’s circuit taking place in that state. Playa Olas Altas was the setting for the first of these events, with waves of up to two meters high welcoming the young surfers.

The event kicked off with the participation of over fifty competitors divided into five categories that included: Under-18 Shortboard, Under-14 Shortboard, Under-12 Shortboard, Girl’s Shortboard and Bodyboarding. Four world champion competitors made it to the finals—Edgar Camarena, Alan Cleland, Laura Gonzalez and Luis Rey Hernandez. This association is doing excellent work and has been working for some time with new values that are producing good results. On Sunday, free surf classes were offered to kids between the ages of 4 – 14 to further promote this sport. 

Under-18 Shortboard Category

1.- Edgar Ivan Camarena Hernández  (Colima). $5000
2.- Luis Rey Hernández                      (Guerrero). $3000
3.- Calevo Zamora Ozuna                  (Guerrero). $2000
4.- Alejandro Ramírez Gómez             (Colima). $1000

Under-14 Shortboard Category

1.- Alan Cleland                        (Colima).
2.-Luis Rey Hernández         (Guerrero).
3.-Rigoberto Avianeda Vázquez (Colima).
4.- Ori Icaza Faskowics           (Nayarit).

Under-18 Bodyboard Category

1.-Heraclio Hernández Medina  (Colima).
2.-Bebeto Pelayo                         (Colima).
3.-Pancho                                      (Colima)
4.- Franky Tolentino                   (Colima).

Girl’s Under-18 Shortboard Category

1.-Ana Laura González Velasco  (Col)
2.- Ale Meillon                              (Col)


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