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Micha Surf School & Surfboards Celebrates Surfing Kids 2014


Translation: Heido Sundstrom

On Saturday, May 17th, a surfing celebration for kids was held on the sunny sands of Acapulco, Guerrero, because one day—National Children’s Day (Aril 30th)—just isn’t enough! The kids were ready to have fun and Playa Revolcadero was ready to receive them, as were the volunteer instructors, armed with surfboards and pumped to teach these youngsters how to stand and ride their first waves.

The extra special guests arrived and were organized into one big line for a photo, the color blue of their T-shirts washing the beach like an animated wave, combining the color of the ocean with the color of the sky.

The boys and girls of Casa Hogar Infantil Marsh Children’s Home had arrived and were ready to join the celebration.

On the trampoline, you could find kids jumping high into the sky, while others played in the sand; flying Frisbees whizzed through the air and soccer balls bounced around the beach. Micha called the kids together and gave instructions on how to stand on a surfboard while the instructors assisted and, afterwards, led the kids into the water as the excitement mounted.

The instructors pushed the board as the kids paddled in order to help them catch the foam. Many of the new surfers stood on their first try, managing to find the balance needed to start their new adventure. As they continued to catch foamy waves, their faces, and the faces of the instructors themselves, were full of smiles as they clapped and gave words of encouragement to the kids that were able to stand; nothing beats the smile of a child. 

Lorraine Castro brought out her brushes and painted the faces of the kids, with the assistance of Sandra “La Güera” Polidura, who, along with husband, Alfonso “Poncho” Polidura, put on their chef hats and served hot dogs to the hungry crowd that quickly gathered to enjoy the tasty treats. With her dynamic energy, Cris Rodriguez directed the team interactive games that later awarded T-shirts at the final, donated by Arturo Tamayo and Mariana Vilela; El De Surf was also present at the event.


Among other contributions to the event, the Youth Institute, directed by Ignacio Orbe, donated a cake that couldn’t be missed. 

Micha Surf School & Surfboards would like to thank everybody that helped to make this event a true success. Let’s continue to make this an even greater event in the years to come. ¡Gracias Padrinos Mágicos!

Visit and support the Casa Hogar Children’s Home:

 www.marshchildrenshome.org.mx    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.