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State Champions Of The Third Annual Copa Universitaria De Surf Uagro 2014


Translation: Heido Sundstrom

This past Sunday, the exciting finals of the twelve categories that competed in the third edition of the Copa Universitaria de Surfing UAGro (UAGro University Surfing Cup). This state championship drew nearly one hundred competitors from Zihuatanejo and Acapulco that competed for a spot in the state surfing selection that will attend the 2014 National Surfing Games at Playa Erendira in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, from May 28th – June 1st, 2014. 


Kristal Hernandez, from Zihuatanejo, came back with everything and will be one of the stars at the National. From his first heat until the final, Oscar “Pawi” Chino showed great qualities and gave a good competition. We hope to see his polished performance continue as he faces some of the best of Mexico surfing. National Champion, Ulises Rodriguez, is another strong player in the Bodyboarding Open and Drop-knee categories, while Alejandra Quevedo continues to reach new levels with the extreme maneuvers she performed during the contest. Fernando “Anafre” Garcia is another promising competitor, with the possibility to make it to the winner’s podium in two categories: Master’s and Longboard (his strong suit). In the Grand Kahuna category, the President of the Guerrero State Surfing Association, Javier “Charra” Hernandez, is the one to beat; of course, Guerrero always does well at the Nationals. 


The University of Guerrero gave several awards and Urbano Magdaleno, Sporting Coordinator for the UAG, was present at the Closing Ceremony. Awards and prizes included: trophies and diplomas, a surfboard and bodyboard, and, of course, being selected to represent the state of Guerrero at the Nationals. The event also featured a bikini contest and at the end, a small ceremony was held to scatter the ashes of former surf contest announcer, Jose Isabel “Cisco” Hernandez, in Playa Bonfil, which was one of his last requests.


Women’s Shortboard

1.- Kristal Hernández  (zihua)
2.- Naomi Cabello    (aca)
3.- Anna Pau Castillo  (aca)
Alternante Rebeca Ladron  (aca)

Senior’s Shortboard

1.- Oscar Chino       (aca)
2.- Jorge Hernández  (aca)
3.- Oscar Pérez  (zihua)   
Alternante Miguel Roque  (aca)


1.- Fernando García  (aca)
2.- Agustin Espinoza    (aca)
3.- Javier Hernández  (aca)

Women’s Bodyboarding

Tabla de cuerpo femenil
1.-Alejandra Quevedo  (aca)
2.- Regina de la Paz   (aca)
3.- Ann Lise Fuentes  (aca)

Grand Master

1.-Jorge Soberanis   (aca)
2.-Ivan Blanco     (aca)
3.- Manuel Rios    (aca)
Alternate Sixto Mendez  (zihua)

Drop Knee

Ulises Rodriguez   (aca)
2.- Daniel Diaz    (aca)
3.- Alan Robledo   (aca)
Alternante Boris Dueñas   (aca)


1.-Fernando García   (aca)
2.- Jorge Soberanis    (aca)
3.-Jordy Sánchez     (aca)
Alternante Edmundo Salmerón   (aca)

Shortboard Open

1.- Oscar Chino   (aca)
2.-Oscar Pérez  (zihua)
3.- Roberto Olguín   (aca)
4.-Serafin Chino   (aca)
Alternante Aldahir Cruz  (aca)


1.- Manuel Rios   (aca)
2.- Raúl Sánchez     (aca)
Alternante Roberto Sahuri   (aca)

Bodyboarding Open

1.-Ulises Rodriguez  (aca)
2.-Jorge Diaz   (aca)
3.-Daniel Diaz   (aca)
4.- Alan Navarrete  (aca)
Alternante Francisco Mendoza  (aca)

Senior’s Bodyboarding

1.- Boris Dueñas   (aca)
2.- Daniel Sutter   (aca)
Alternante Jorge Jiménez   (aca)

Grand Kahuna

1.-Javier Hernández  (aca)
2.-Raul Sánchez          (aca)
Alternante Juan Bravo   (aca)

Master’s Bodyboarding 

1.- Daniel Sutter     (aca)
2.- Antonio Alonso   (aca)

Judges: Alfredo García y Filiberto Alemán

Coach: Joe Estrada

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