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Marcos Candela se lleva la Sexta clínica de surf y su pase al Aca Pro 2014 (2)


Marcos candela wins the sixth surf contest & clinic
And secures his pass to the 2014 acapulco pro
Translation: Heido Sundstrom

With an incredible surfing performance, Marcos Candela wins the sixth stop of the Contest & Clinic, putting himself ahead in the rankings. With an excellent swell of 4 – 6 foot waves, Playa Bonfil was decked out and the event, led by Joe Estrada, who has been conducting these events every couple of weeks, got off to a punctual start.  

Such events have given much motivation to the local surfers, who promptly flocked to register and compete in order to improve their performance. Witnessing the success of the event, Acapulco Pro organizer, Arturo Tamayo, gave away four passes to compete in the shortboard and bodyboard categories of his important event.

Marcos Candela, a local from Acapulco, has earned a seventh, a second and two first places, which put him ahead in the rankings after his excellent participation in the sixth clinic against Oscar “Pawi” Chino, Edmundo Salmeron and Miguel Roque.

Finally, we’ll get to see the brand new winners in the Acapulco Pro 2014, set to take place April 24th – 26th, 2014 at Playa Bonfil in Acapulco. The event will feature competitors from all over Mexico and will be giving away $130,000 pesos in prizes.


1.    Marcos Candela
2.    Brandon Cabrera
3.    Jonathan Reyes
4.    Miguel Roque


1.    Ernesto Silva
2.    Daniel Diaz
3.    Jorge Diaz
4.    Ulises Rodriguez