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Dylan Southworth And Sylvain Laugle Become “Masters Of The Sea” At Boca De Pascuales 2014

El Nayarita Dylan Southworth y el Francés Sylvain Laugle son los flamantes vencedores del Desafío de surfing  en playa Boca de Pascuales, en el estado mexicano de Colima, el evento de tres días culminó el medio de hoy domingo, ante un publico que abarrotó la playa para ser testigo de este desafío y ver finalmente a los Dueños del Mar.

IMG 1797Translation: Heido Sundstrom

Dylan Southworth from Nayarit and Sylvain Laugle of France were crowned the winners of the recent Surfing Challenge at Playa Boca de Pascuales, in the Mexican state of Colima. The three-day event wrapped up midday on Sunday, before a cheering crowd that packed the beach to witness the challenge and see the “Masters of the Sea”.

The waves greatly improved over the course of the weekend, giving competitors the opportunity to showcase spectacular maneuvers in the battle for victory at Boca de Pascuales. The same held true for the bodyboarders, who went into the final with everything they had in order to have the honor of making it to the main podium. By that time, the waves had broken down a little, but the bodyboarders still demonstrated why they had made it to the final. Finalists included three bodyboarders from Mexico and one from France. Jesus Luna, at only 13 years old, greatly impressed everyone and managed to give quite the show, pulling off good tricks against the more experienced Alfonso Aguilar, Bryan Lopez and Sylvain Laugle. In the end, it was Sylvain Laugle from France who finished triumphantly.

In the Open final, the battle was not easily won either, with current Champion, Diego Cadena, showing up in all the precise moments, while American, Neil Suaisem, snuck in his moves by hitting the critical part of the wave. Jose “Ticus” Jimenez showed up with his impressive surfing in the eliminatory heats, showcasing a lot of style when he came backwards through a tube. Then there was Dylan Southworth with his unique style and experience of knowing how to move and search out the best wave, as well as being in the prime spot at the right time. He relied heavily on his secure tricks and maneuvers, always innovating his moves, which always results in one big show when he’s in action. Always looking for the extreme right of the wave (and with good results), Southworth finished his heat on a high note and was well received by the media and crowd at the beach, who took photos and celebrated, knowing he had won.

Before the Open finals, an aerial contest was held and the winner was none other than the notable surfer from Acapulco, Jose Manuel “Yuco Flow” Trujillo.

Open Category
1. Dylan Southworth  (Nay)
2. Jose Jimenez    (Nay)
3. Neil Suaisem   (EUA)
4. Diego Cadena  (Nay)

Bodyboarding Category
1. Sylvain Laugle  (France)
2. Brayan Lopez   (Col)
3. Jesus Luna  (Col)
4. Alfonso Aguilar  (Mich)
Planeta Surf congratulates the event’s organizing committee and appreciates all the support provided by the Colima State Secretary of Tourism.