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Surfing Challenge Kicks Off In Boca De Pascuales, Colima

Translation: Heido Sundstrom

The day finally arrived when surfers faced the Surfing Challenge to become masters of the sea. This past Friday, the long awaited competition kicked off in Boca de Pascuales in the Mexican state of Colima. The waves were powerful and between 4 – 6 feet in size.

Notable athletes from Mexico, France and the United States signed up to challenge one of the best tube beaches in the country; a beach that is no place for beginners when the waves are at their peak.

The challenge featured several minors who are all hitting it pretty hard right now, including: Jafet Ramos, Luis Rey Hernandez, Edgar Camarena and the youngest of them, local Alan Clealand. These young surfers are hungry to win and are battling against the more experienced veterans, like defending champion, Adan Hernandez, as well as, Dylan Southworth, Diego Cadena, Raul Medina, Julio Quiñones, Blas Bocardo, Abel Estopin and Jose Manuel Trujillo. We’ll see who wins—youth or experience.

The event also featured surfer Ana Laura Gonzalez, the National Junior Champion who is training to attend the World Surfing Games being held in Ecuador during the first week of April.

During the first Open heats, those that braved the chilly water of Boca de Pascuales included: Mario Farias and Travis Southworth and in the Bodyboarding category, Eraclio Hernandez and Alfonso Aguilar. Saturday’s heats will be heavy and Sunday we’ll see which champions will get to share $100,000,000 pesos in prizes.

Open Shortboard Category

Heat 1
1. Mario Farias  (Mich)
2. Jeffroy Hernandez  (France)
3. Guillermo Cadena  (Nay)
4. Yoni Pineda  (Baja Sur)

Heat 2
1. Travis Southworth  (Nay)
2. Miguel Rosales  (Col)
3. Alejandro Ramirez  (Col)
4. Ana Laura Gonzalez (Col)

Bodyboarding Category

Heat 1
1. Eraclio Hernandez  (Nay)
2. Martin Farias  (Mich)
3. Eduardo Rodriguez  (Col)
4. Cristian Gutierrez  (Col)

Heat 2
1. Alfonso Aguilar  (Mich)
2. Paul Plane  (Col)
3. Jaime Ramos (Col)
4. Jose Salazar  (Oax)