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Two Young Mexican Surfers Compete At The North Shore Surf Shop Pipe Pro Junior In Hawaii

Translation: Heido Sundstrom

Young Mexican surfers, Marcos “Chivito” Hootman (Colima) and Michel Salazar (Sinaloa), both participated in the Pipe Pro Junior this past Wednesday, March 12th. For “Chivito” Hootman, this was his second participation in this high-level circuit on Hawaiian soil. We spoke briefly with him about his experience.

- First off, how old are you?
 I’m 18 and this year I turn 19.

- Who sponsored your trip to Hawaii this year?
My sponsor is Woodward Logistics and they sponsored the circuit for me.

- How is a Pro event, is the elimination simple?
Pretty much.

- How long have you been in Hawaii?
I’ve been here for about three months.

- What’s the beach like?
It’s a pretty perfect peak; the bottom is all reef and sand.

- What will be your next event?
I’ll go to Acapulco at the end of April for the Acapulco Pro.

We wish the best of luck to all of the Mexican competitors. You can follow the live stream of the rest of the event by going to: