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ASP Women’s World Championship Tour (Wct) 2014 Calendar Of Events

Translation: Heido Sundstrom

In pursuit of the world title, professional women surfers will have ten events to compete in. This will define the “Top-17” as they take on the best surfing locations in the world for the opportunity to show off their skills as world-class athletes.

The last event that will define everything will be at the famous Honolua Bay on November 24th – December 6th, 2014. It will have a waiting period of thirteen days and is considered a very special place since this time of year offers extremely favorable conditions.

5-Time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore said, “Maui has always had a special place in my heart. It’s where I won my first world title and Honolua Bay has been very good to me over the years. It’s a world-class wave and dignifies the talent that we have on tour this season. What a great way to end the year!”


Roxy Pro Gold Coast: March 1st – 12th, 2014
Margaret River Pro: April 2nd – 13th, 2014
Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach: April 16th – 27th, 2014
Río Women’s Pro: May 7th – 18th, 2014
Fiji Women’s Pro: May 25th – 30th, 2014
Vans US Open of Surfing: July 27th – August 3rd, 2014
Trestles Women’s Pro: September 9th – 20th, 2014
Hossegor Women’s Pro: September 23rd – 29th, 2014
Cascais Women’s Pro: October 1st – 7th, 2014
Maui Women’s Pro: November 24th – December 6th, 2014