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Interview with Thomas Meyerhoffer by Planeta Surf


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What do you look with your shapes or designs?
To create forward thinking surfboards that gives you new experiences. With my boards you might discover something slightly new or surf your next wave in an entirely different way.

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Who are your main influences?

It has everything and nothing to do with surfing. The actual wave, the experience is what inspires me. Not the culture. I get inspired by things that has nothing to do with surfing like art, culture, space travel and technology and apply it to surfing. The surfboard is a medium that is easily created to alter your experience. Un like a space craft.


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Whats mean  for you the ocean?

I always lived by the ocean. It means life, change and that we are affected by much larger things. We just ride that last little bit of energy.


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how you look the surf in the future?

I don't know. I'm not interested in the future. I live now and simply want to move forward into the next moment. The future normally will depend on something we don't know about.


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where are your favorite places in the world.
There is many. And I'm sure there is more to discover. Travel is one of the very best things to do. I do like Mexico very much and visit Scorpion bay frequently but need to discover more!! So let me know what to discover!

Thanks..we love your work.. u have a lot of fans here!


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