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Quiksilver Eddie Aikau big wave invitational still on hold

Translation: Heido Sundstrom

The meteorological services announced the recent arrival waves of up to 50’ that hit Hawaii’s coast of Oahu in recent days, something that hasn’t been seen since 2004.

Glen Moncata, organizer of the event in honor of Eddie Aikau, said that the conditions appeared great at first and everyone was waiting for the giant waves to honor Eddie Aikau but, unfortunately, the wind conditions weren’t ideal and didn’t contribute to anything.

“We’ve taken all the possible time we were able to in order to evaluate the development of the next big swell and it doesn’t look favorable for us... The size is there, but the quality isn’t, due to a cold front that will bring strong winds and adverse conditions,” Moncata said.

For that reason, the big-wave event has been postponed and will be on hold until the end of February. Another 40’ wave swell and “just one day of quality surfing is all we need”.

The Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay hasn’t been held continuously each year because the waves haven’t had the required size. Only eight editions have been made since 1984; the last time was in December 2009, where Californian surfer, Greg Long, won the event.

Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Past Results:

Greg Long (USA) – 2009/10
Bruce Irons (HAW) – 2004/05
Kelly Slater (USA) – 2001/02
Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS) – 2000/01
Noah Johnson (HAW) – 1998/99
Keone Downing ( HAW) – 1989/90
Clyde Aikau (HAW) – 1986/87
Denton Miyamura (HAW) – 1985/86