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Asaya brusa and alejandra quevedo become the “first ladies”

Translation: Heido Sundstrom


The ladies are the first to organize a surfing event as 2014 kicks off, thanks to Jessica Selby-Spackman and Isabelle Leonhardt Arce who had the great idea of bringing all the women surfers of Mexico together.

Some thirty girls gathered at Boca de Pascuales, a beach with a powerful and tubular wave, which, on this occasion, dished out 3- 5-foot waves for the first Women’s Open. The event lasted two days and consisted of two categories: the shortboard and bodyboard, with a prize purse worth $25,000 pesos.

The “princess of Puerto Escondido”, Asaya Brusa, demonstrated her skill once again, continuing her winning streak. At 17 years old, Brusa has shown that she’s the surfer to beat, recently winning the Reef Class Mazatlan and becoming the Latin champion. She also placed first in the Puerto Escondido Open this past November and now kicks off the New Year with another win. Surf brands better turn their attention toward Brusa and support her upward trajectory. Synonymous with success, she is...the First Lady of Ladies First.

Meanwhile, in the bodyboard category, Alejandra Quevedo of Acapulco was crowned champion. Quevedo, who has just a few years of this sport under her belt, has demonstrated her ability by being the National Open Champion in this category and is starting the year off on the right foot by wining Ladies First.


1.    Asaya Brusa (Puerto Escondido)
2.    Valeria Peconi (Puerto Escondido)
3.    Lucy Campbell (England)
4.    Anna Gonzales (Manzanillo)


1.    Alejandra Quevedo (Acapulco)
2.    Keila Villegas (Manzanillo)
3.    Tania Vazquez (Manzanillo)
4.    “Cony” (Tecoman)
5.    Danielle Alamo (Manzanillo)

Photos: Pako Surfzone