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The Bar Between Two Waters...In Search Of The Perfect Peak


By: Isaac Avila

Translation by: Heido Sundstrom

Barra de Coyuca, Guerrero – Armed with nothing but a backpack containing all the necessary provisions for a short cruise, we arrived at the taxi station to catch a ride that would take us from downtown Acapulco to the secret spot approximately half an hour away. Our taxi was getting ready to leave, but waiting on one more person to fill the quota of five people, plus the driver. Soon, we loaded the colectivo and set of towards our destination—La Barra de Coyuca.


After driving down the Pie de la Cuesta boulevard, with its endless construction and repair that has taken years with no end in sight, we finally arrived at the arch that welcomes visitors to Pie de la Cuesta; we were that much closer to our destination.

A makeshift sign welcomed us to this beautiful beach and lagoon that isn’t as widely promoted or even developed as Punta Diamante, but for what matters to us—the waves—it’s almost beneficial, as there aren’t any big buildings to obstruct the offshore breeze coming from the mountains.


La Barra de Coyuca, located in the town of Coyuca de Benites, is a quiet and very relaxed fishing village, a place of rest for the locals and for surfers and bodyboarders, a place of action and paradise.

The waves from Pie de la Cuesta to la Barra are known as powerful, hollow, tube waves and better suited for bodyboarding as opposed to surfboards, but we heard from the bodyboarders that it was possible to surf there and we ended up seeing a few peaks in the distance, different from what we were accustomed to, with approximately fifteen bodyboarders and about five surfers in the water. 


The waves break over a sandy bottom in peaks that create a short ramp, allowing for tricks and for catching tubes. When the waves get closer to shore, however, they become pretty extreme and can give you a “yoli”, as we say around here, or a big wipeout—the price of the adventure, the adrenaline, and the passion to ride the wave.

The water is crystal clear and clean, without the pollution that comes with too many visitors. The beach is on open water so one should take precautions when they go in the ocean. The sunset is incredible and this is one of the best places to enjoy this marvel of nature. “Watch the sun set behind the sea...” Relax in a hammock and get your fill of seafood at the restaurants and food stands along the immense shore, the local favorite dish being “pescado a la talla” or “al mojo de ajo”, accompanied by your favorite drink. 


Crossing the street, you’ll find the ‘cream’ of the Coyuca ‘crop’—the lagoon, with boat tours and fishermen in search of the famous cuatetel to be cooked up in a tasty broth. In “La Barra” you’ll find everything you’re looking for, be it rest or action in the lagoon or the sea.  

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